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How authenticWEB's Authentic SEO is Different

Along with designing amazing websites and producing compelling videos, Internet Marketing Agency authenticWEB was ranked among the top ten SEO companies in America in 2012 and 2013.

Highly Awarded SEO Company with Search Engine Optimization Results

We have clients in the top three for…

  • Personal Injury Attorney Denver CO
  • Car Accident Attorney Long Island
  • Car Accident Attorney Orlando FL
  • Cosmetic Dentist Orlando FL
  • Caterer Orlando FL
  • Best Event Photographer (nationally ranked)
  • New York City Portrait Photographer
  • Divorce Attorney Boca Raton
  • Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Denver CO
  • Adoption Attorney Florida
  • Personal Injury Long Island

Everything many “SEO experts” are telling you is wrong. They are going to tell you you are not optimized for this or that keyword, and that your website is not on the first page for “Car Accident Attorney Orlando” or “Cosmetic Dentist.”  They are going to throw out buzzwords like “metadata,” Panda 2.0, and so on. Those things are important, but not to you. The only thing that is important to you is answering the right questions which we discuss with all of our clients.


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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is structuring your web properties (websites, video, social media, and content) to appear for certain queries in a search engine.
Does SEO Sound Complicated?

Does SEO Sound Complicated?

We make SEO look easy. Our Authentic Web Consultants have a proven methodology even if you have no idea what your marketing message is. The initial consultation is complimentary and you'll quickly see where the opportunities lie.