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Content is king, but content can be stolen. Authentic Web Video prevents this because the content is you.

Do you need an online video for your business?

“Branding is for cattle. People buy stories.” – Roy Disney Jr

What sells? Stories sell.  What’s the best way to tell the story of your business?  authenticVIDEO can help you:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Increase your authority and closing rate
  • Increase the number of calls from current traffic

Orlando Online Video Production Serving The Nation

Authentic video on a well-designed website increases the number of visitors to your site that contact you. This is because optimized video shows up in search engines and drives more traffic to your site, increasing your authority and visibility in social media. Because YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google, integrating online video into your site is the key to growing your business.

Our online video team is led by a consultant that understands your business, your story and your goals, delivering amazing results.

Online Video for Lawyers, Dentists, and Doctors

At authenticWEB we specialize in videography and video production for attorneys, doctors, and other service professionals.  These are small business owners who are often not great at marketing but great at what they do. The videos highlight their expertise but more importantly their story. People buy with emotion. They buy with stories.

MATH ALERT: Online Video Undoubtedly Gets More Clients

If your video is optimized, it can increase rankings dramatically.  It also increases visibility on YouTube, time-on-site and conversion (calls from visitors).

More Traffic x Higher Conversion = More business

Depending on the number of quality videos on your website, you can see traffic increases of 30 to 50% and increases in conversion rates (callers from your site) of 20 to 100%.

If you are getting 500 visitors to your website and 5 callers per week right now, online video can increase the visitors to 650.  If we increase conversion rates 50% you are now looking at 9 to 10 callers per week and thus doubling your prospects!

Online Video Means Better Clients

Remember the first time you walked into a professional’s office?  Pretty scary, right?

People filled with fear are less likely to listen to you and buy your services. You have to spend time calming them down. The best online video helps them get to know you beforehand.  That is why the authenticVIDEO process uses a proven interview format, instead of scripts.  We want your potential clients to experience you before they move forward.

Below is a video we did for Brent Mayr, a Houston criminal defense attorney.

“I received a call and a large case after a referral watched my videos.” – Brent Mayr

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Authentic Web Video

Authentic Web Video

Have a consistent message that rings true to your audience. Nothing is more off-putting then a fake announcer with a fake testimonial. Our methodology makes sure all of the videos created for you are consistent and authentic, making you proud for years to come.
Authentic Message

Authentic Message

Sure, there are a lot of video companies and a lot of web companies, but very few understand your business goals and your authentic message. Even less understand Service SEO for businesses. We make sure your videos are created to answer your ideal client's questions and to help you succeed.
Measurable Results

Measurable Results

Imagine if you knew exactly how many people watched your commercial and how they got there. With authenticWEB's video services, you can do just that. Our SEO experts can make sure your videos also show up in social media and in search engines such as Google.
Video Options

Video Options

authenticWEB has a variety of video options to fit your needs and your budget, including: On Location at your business, In Studio, DIY (Do it Yourself) Video, Authentic Web Channel, Video Testimonials, and Video Coaching. Video is necessary if you want to succeed in the future.
Authentic Video Testimonials by authenticWEB
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Improve your website performance and rankings in Google! Authentic testimonials get more people to call your business. Word of mouth is the best source of business, so why not make referrals viral with an authenticVIDEO testimonial from authenticWEB? Call today for a free consultation (407) 284-0510 to talk to one of our authenticVIDEO experts.